Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too Busy Caching!

I know it's been soooo long since I last wrote here but I've been too busy caching to do any writing! I guess that's a good thing and a bad thing!

In the last few months I've had the opportunity to do some caching in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Washington & California! Tony & I went on our annual trip to Texada Island and we enjoyed caching all the way there, up the Sunshine Coast and all around that beautiful island. And I had the honour of caching with "goinggone" as they reached their 2000th milestone at BC's Oldest Cache in the UBC Endowment Lands. Of course our favourite place to explore is our beautiful home province!

And yes I love caching at home. The green, moss covered forests smell so rich & earthy and are so beautiful to look at and it is where I feel most at home - but it sure is fun to experience hides in other places and see how caches are hidden when there are no stumps or roots to hide them in!! The Prairie cachers are so creative in their hides (my dad was so impressed) and caching around Disneyland is pretty amazing... you'd think they'd all be teeny nanos in such an urban muggle-rich environment but one of the largest caches I've found in a long time was just metres from the Disneyland Gate!

This incredibly mild winter may not have been too great for the Vancouver Olympics but it sure has been great for caching. We've done some awesome hikes, seen some amazing places and, in general, just enjoyed being out there. I hope you have too! Cache on!! I know I will!