About Us

at Murphy Lakes
Our first outdoor experience together was in 1980... Tony took me fishing at Murphy Lake. (this was before the Coquihalla Highway was built) I had never been on a logging road before then and it was a pretty exciting & scary experience for me. 

After we were married in 1981 we decided that we would celebrate every anniversary by going on a BC road trip. For 32 years we've never missed a year and what adventures we've had! From Hope to Dawson Creek, from Haidi Gwaii
on Haida Gwaii
to the Rockies... it's never been dull.

Now we are a very adventurous Oma & Opa and we still love to explore, geocache, hunt & fish throughout our beautiful home province. We still look for those untraveled backroads and for places we've never been to before. Fortunately British Columbia is so big we know we'll never run out of new places to discover!

And FYI... the tupperware in our blog title has nothing to do with the kitchen!!

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