Monday, April 12, 2010

New Truck! Let's Go Caching.

I have to admit that I am so jealous of those lady cachers out there who have a husband or significant other who loves caching as much as they do. Because, let's face it, a woman caching alone, on a trail, in the forest is just not a good idea. I miss so many FTFs because I'm just not comfortable going alone, especially when Mtn-Man is busy publishing at 11pm! So frustrating.

My husband does not get the whole "searching the forest for tupperware thing" but he does love the outdoors. He just loves being out there exploring any backroad that we haven't yet been on. Our two passions aren't exactly the same but they go hand in hand pretty well.

Last week we bought a new 4x4. I knew it wouldn't be long, I hoped it wouldn't be long, before he'd be ready to take it out on a real test drive. Then last Friday he said, "Are there any caches you'd like to find on some mountain road? "Let's take the truck for a real ride." Yah!

I had been waiting for a chance to travel up the West Harrison Forestry Service Road for so long so that's where I suggested we go. There is a series of caches that tjguy98 has placed at a bunch of interesting points along the road and a few others as well. We found all but one of tjguy98's caches. Just want to say here that I LOVE ammo boxes in the forest. Saves the environment from getting torn to pieces... but I digress....

Tony's favourite cache was called "Playtime" (GC1B0FE) - perfect spot to try out the 4 wheel drive - works great apparently. One cache by DanG took us to the most incredible view of the lake and then we paid tribute to Mtn-Man at GC1DCJ4 - another awesome cache!

There was also the fossil bed that we had heard about but never seen. We both love finding these kind of unique places. I had remembered that someone had placed the FVRT cache there once quite a while ago and so I looked at the past logs and found the co-ordinates. We found the site easily enough but then Tony remembered that someone had said they were also lots of fossils at a landslide. We kept going, about 6km, down the road and came to a shale slide. Almost every rock there had a fossil in it! Very cool.

So as you can tell we had such a great time. He got to put his new 'toy' through its paces and I found 8 awesome caches. For about the millionth time we commented on how glad we are to be living in British Columbia.

Thanks honey for the awesome day!
So glad you bought that truck.

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Eddie said...

welcome to the double joy of getting out into the woods to see "Super Natural BC", combined with the joy of geocaching.

Glad Tony had fun at "PlayTime" - it's a guy thing, you wouldn't understand! :)

PS Next he'll be looking for big puddles to splash through... LOL