Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Year!

Wow it's been a loooooong time since I've written anything here. That's probably because I haven't done any significant caching lately. And why is that you ask? Let's see... an anniversary, a wedding, a baby, a wedding, a funeral and an anniversary!!

Yes, in one year we have gained two sons-in-law and one grandbaby and lost a beloved nephew. It has been quite the year to say the least.

And of course every time I want to sign up for an event it has happened during one of OUR major events.... the Tulameen Turtles Great Coal Rush happened on our daughter's wedding day (can't believe they didn't discuss the date with me first! lol), Teskelly & Curnew's Super Secret Hike happened on the day of my nephew's funeral and the Amazing GeoRace 2 is happening on our anniversary... for some reason I cannot convince my non-cacher hubby to spend the day racing against 19 other crazed geocacaching teams... if that doesn't scream romantic I don't know what does!?

So we've come full circle, my partner of 29 years and I, and this year we're going back to Princeton, Coalmont & Tulameen to celebrate the milestone that is most important to us. He asked me what I wanted for an anniversary present and I told him all I wanted was to cache all weekend with no complaints from him and he said "done deal."

Time to celebrate the year of changes and to play a little catch up! I'll keep you posted.

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Eddie said...

Wow, what a year is correct - a mixture of emotions for sure. Looks like I'm following you on some fronts; GeoRace the day of my 28th Wedding Anniversary, (I don't even dare suggest it to my non-caching wife...could be our last), and I have a daughter getting married in October. But I still post more often than you! :)

Make the best of your Tulameen weekend and enjoy each other.