Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Caching our Way to Cache Creek

I love the Fraser Canyon and I love the beautiful simplicity of the towns along the way. So when Tony asked me if I wanted to take a little road trip to Cache Creek I didn't even need to think about my answer. "When do we leave" was the only thing I was thinking.

A few days later with the 4Runner packed, a hotel room booked and the GPS loaded we were on our way.

We got an early start and by 8am we were finding our first two caches in Bridal Falls. It sure is nice to cache when there is no one around!

We continued caching through Hope and Yale and by 9:30am we were in Lytton. We had previously grabbed the two caches on the highway above Lytton, but we never seemed to have the time to go into the town itself. I was so glad we did this time. The sun was shining and, being a Sunday morning, there was no one around. It was so peaceful and tranquil. I don't know what it is about towns like this... for me it seems like the past is almost palpable and the history is in the air. I want to soak it all in.

The first cache we got was "Going Postal"... OK, that was wierd, but fun! After that we did a Earthcache called "Lytton Jelly Roll." This is why I love earthcaching. It was so interesting and there's no way we would have ever seen this without another geocacher to point it out to us. Very cool. I should mention that while we were finding the Lytton caches we were also finding clues to solve the puzzle cache "Nlaka'pamux." What a great puzzle (I love learning new things)! After we found the final we ended up spending another 1/2 hour there watching a large sheep herd on the side hill across from us. It was incredible.

When we got to Cache Creek we had some time to kill before we checked in so we decided to drive above the garbage dump. I know it sounds wierd but if you want wildlife photos this is often the place to go. We weren't disappointed. I have never seen so many eagles in one place and before I knew it we had taken over 50 pictures!

The next morning we decided to grab the cache by Hat Creek Ranch called "Boo!" I won't spoil it for you but this one gave me the biggest laugh all weekend. Well done... I love it when cachers use their imaginations!

All too soon it was time to go home. We saved a couple of caches in Boston Bar for the next day but it sure was sad to realize that there are almost no caches left in the Canyon for us to find.

So for all of you who are Canyon Cachers I'd like to say, "Thank you so much and whenever you're ready... I'm ready for more!"


Amy said...

Dawnelle - thank you for your blog on caching and the Fraser Canyon I will be passing it along to many of those businesses who work so hard to preserve that history we all like to soak up. Just want to post a little fyi for you that our organization is launching a geotourism program around caching this July 4th - so new caches are on their way! There will be 72 new sites throughout Gold Country all going live in one day with great FTF prizes and # of find prizes. Watch our website for more details:) And again thank you for your appreciation of our region!
www.goldcountry.bc.ca -

Dawnelle said...

Wow!! Thanks Amy! That is so exciting. Ask and you shall recieve, eh?! Can't wait!

The Curnews (Demara) said...

Wow! This is exciting. Now we'll have to go out there to Lytton to see the Jelly Roll and like you I too love Earthcaches!!!

THX for the heads up!